Muslims globally celebrate two Eid festivals, first one at the end of a month’s fast,the 9th Islamic month. The other one is on the 10th day of the 12th Islamic month in commemoration of the obedience of God’s prophet, Ibraheem and his reward from God. The latter celebration was on the 31st July, 2020 and I enjoyed myself alot. The celebration held for three days and it was fun all through.

Prior to this year’s celebration, I went fabric shopping with my aunt and she made beautiful dresses for us(my mum, sister and me). A “big sister” made some DIY Eid decoration for us and we loved it. I also bought some confectioneries to make Eid treats for my little cousins. My mum employed two caterers to prepare the meals for the festivity and everything was all set.

(Eid decoration and Eid cake)

On Eid day, I did my skincare routine then dressed up to go to the community mosque for the special Eid prayers ( definitely observed COVID-19 guidelines for gatherings). After prayers, I did a simple make up look and took pictures with my siblings. We couldn’t entertain many visitors because of the pandemic but two of my aunties came to celebrate with us and they assisted the caterers. Some cousins also came over. Two butchers came to slaughter our rams( Is it even Eid if you don’t eat meat till your teeth ache?) There were also lots of foods and drinks ranging from Jollof rice, fried rice, ofada rice, pounded yam, efo and egusi soups with variety of drinks too. We gave our neighbors some of the food as a regular Eid tradition. We got “Eid money” from our immediate neighbors and my aunt. I really enjoyed the eating spree( had a taste of all the food options!)

On the second day of the celebration, I travelled to my hometown in Oshogbo, Osun state with my family. We always visit my grandparents and extended family on the second day of Eid. I always enjoy this part because it is an opportunity to get money gifts from family members. There was more meat to eat as we were offered at every destination. I had two wraps of pounded yam with egusi soup in my aunt’s house( my love for you see yam is beyond words). My grandparents gave my siblings and I a lot of money and we were really happy( Is there anyone who isn’t happy when they get free money?). We also visited my uncle whose wife had a baby the night before Eid day. Little babies are always very cute! I have a beautiful cousin. I was really tired at the end of the day because I had to drive around town all day but it was quite interesting and I also loved the feeling I had driving my aunt’s big car like a boss ( that I am).

( My second Eid dress in all its glory)

On the third day, we cleaned our house in preparation for our return to Ibadan. My sister and I wore our second Eid cloth and we took pictures ( of course). I really love the dress. Some other cousins came to visit us and there was food and drinks for everyone. We returned to Ibadan later that evening and that marked the end of a wonderful celebration.

The highlights of Eid for me were wearing my dresses, taking pictures, lots of food to eat, visiting and bonding with family members, receiving money and giving my little cousin their treats. (Eid treat packaged for my cousins by ME).

How was the celebration for you? Which part did you enjoy the most?

Please share your comments and thoughts. Thank you.

7 thoughts on “2020 EID: HOW I SPENT THE SALLAH HOLIDAY.”

  1. You have demonstrated some of the teachings of eid ie bonding with loved ones and enjoying oneself.
    Good write-uo!!!


  2. Ma sha Allah.!!
    The bonding part!😍😍❤ ..
    May Allah reward us all for maintaining family ties .


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