In 2017, I was in my first year as a medical student and I resided in one of the university’s hall of residence compulsorily accessible to first year students. I am a spontaneous person! ( I didn’t particularly understand this part of myself until a while ago and looking back at some of the decisions I made in the past, it’s the truth). The halls of residence usually have yearly hall week in the second semester with a line up of events. The events include health awareness Day, dinner, cultural night and a beauty pageant. Also, throughout the week, student owned businesses get slots to display their goods and services at the entrance of the hall.

On the fateful day, I had a long day in class so I was really tired but I was interested in the business stands. I walked around with my friends and we got to a stand where some girls were getting new piercings. Then I remembered I had always loved extra ear piercing; I admire people with many ear holes. I just never got them because I couldn’t imagine boring hole in my adult ears.(Picture credit: pixabay)

I found out that there was a specialised machine for the piercing so I guessed it would be less painful. Hurray! I talked to the “lady piercer” and we agreed I could get my piercings in her room the next day since I was really tired and I didn’t want to expose my ear in an open space( religious stance). I got to my room and I told my roommates about my plans and they were excited “for me”. I decided to get 4 extra ear holes, 2 on each ear. I looked forward to the next day, quite happy.

I got to her room at the set time and I suddenly developed cold feet. It took some minutes of cajoling before I finally agreed. The ear lobe was cleaned, the equipment was sterilised and I bought two pairs of needle point earrings from her for the new holes.(Picture credit: Pixels free photos)

After the piercing was done, she advised me to put olive oil on the holes daily and leave the earrings there for at least two weeks.

Then the experience began, the first week after the piercing, I thought the ache was natural and I would be relieved with time. I didn’t use the oil regularly because of the pain. After some days, I noticed that the lobes were swollen and the area got hyperpigmented. By the third week after piercing, pus was dripping from the holes and I had to actively dab it with cotton pads. At this point, I realized I was reacting to the choice of earrings because the same exact ones had irritated the ear holes I got at birth. I didn’t expect the reaction since I had gotten new ear holes. Alas, I was wrong. I eventually took the earrings off and hoped to get new pairs once the holes healed completely.

The healing process took a while and by the time I got new earrings, the holes were blocked already. Because of the pain and stress from this experience, I decided that extra piercings aren’t for me. That process was too ugly but I still admire people with multiple piercings.(Picture credit: Pexels free photos)

However this year, precisely the 7th day of March, I got new piercings and it’s healed well. I am proud of myself for trying again even with the fear. I have four pretty ear holes now and I absolutely love them!

Thank you. Please share your thoughts on this post especially if you have had any weird piercing experience.


  1. Wow 🥺.
    I’m happy you were able to conquer your fear of it 🤗, multple piercing looks really great after the painful healing process 😂🤩.

    Liked by 1 person

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