At a time when the world is embracing stillness more than ever before, with flexibility and more time to customise our daily life, there’s enough time for me to get better at spirituality. My religious and spiritual growth means a lot to me and I always strive to get better with my practice of Islam and appearance as a young Muslim woman in the 21st century. In the islamic faith, it is compulsory to pray five times daily at specified times however there are several other acts that help with spirituality. Personally, I try to:


The Qur’an is one of the religious books and I try to read at least two pages of the Arabic text daily. It’s quite important to read the translation too as it helps understand the message in the holy book. Reading the Qur’an serves as a personal connection between myself and God as the message therein is God’s revelation. Quran recitation of a great habit for the start of each day.


There are specific morning and evening prayers that I recite o an app ” Hisnul Muslim”. I also have the hard copy for recitation on days when I am staying off my phone and gadgets.


I have the “pocketcast” app and I enjoy the Muslim Central sessions with Yasmin Mogahed and Mufti Menk. They are two great spiritual speakers I love listening to. Both speakers are relatable and gone simple reminders on preparation for the afterlife.

Q51vs55: “And continue to remind, for surely the reminder profits the believers.”


I follow some religious pages on Instagram and Twitter. They post Quran verses, hadiths and reminders from scholars to serve as small reflections in the media space. I repost some of them because I believe that people in my media space can gain and get religious motivation. Sharing useful information is a great act of worship.


Neighbourliness and kindness to individuals is encouraged in Islam. Sometimes, a phone call, text message or physical visit is the act of kindness that people need. Reaching out to people occasionally while navigating our personal life is one habit I love to encourage. Reach out to friends, acquaintances and connect with people who you haven’t heard from in a while. Be kind in every way you can, even to strangers.


Helping the less privileged financially is an important act of worship. It doesn’t have to be large amounts but giving is s great virtue. Sometimes, it could be small gifts for family members, a chocolate bar, drink or snacks. Feeding the poor and donating to charity groups is a good practice.

Spirituality is a journey of a lifetime and staying grounded in belief is a continuous work in progress. I hope these tips help us in this journey. Please share other important tips that you practice to stay grounded in your faith, thank you.

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