2020, the year most of us will never forget! I was on a phone conversation with a friend about three weeks ago and I analysed how the year has been so far for us. This year started off with familiarising, settling into clinical school and getting used to the stressful terrain of med school (White coat ceremony: 8th November, 2019.)

I wouldn’t have believed that the first wave of COVID-19 would overwhelm us by the third month of the year and schools would be shut down. (Picture credit: Pixabay)

I guessed I thought the break would be for two weeks, a month or six weeks but never, ever, would I have thought I would still be at home in the 11th month of the year. I moved from praying that the break would last the fasting month at least, to moving my proposed end of the break to our big Salah celebrations to finally hoping to be out of school for just six months. School still hasn’t resumed and the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) hasn’t reached any agreement with the federal government of Nigeria.

In recent times, the “END SARS” protests across the nation have been a major source of national concern as youths, including myself, have been clamouring for the disbandment of the notorious for extorting, terrorising and sometimes murdering innocent citizens. (Protest in Ibadan, Oyo State. Picture credit: Fiyin Atinmo Photography).

Also, the call for the reform of the entire police force is of major importance to us as youths. The turn of events escalated and hoodlums hijacked some protest locations thereby leading to unrest, destruction of properties, kidnap and even murder of innocent lives. The government hasn’t been so responsive and it’s scary living in a nation where safety of our lives and properties aren’t guaranteed. The rate at which mental health concerns have skyrocketed in recent times is enough proof that there is a lot going on.

The essence of this post is to remind is to BREATHE, take it slowly, day at a time. The “ideal world” that we all knew changed since the pandemic started earlier in the year, we were thrown off our plans, our struggle for control and once again, reminded that our life’s design is beyond us. There is no manual to living in these times, no pressure! Grateful for productive days and avoiding feelings of guilt on rest days. I haven’t been able to put out a blog post in the past weeks because it’s not been easy for anyone. Dealing with empathy has become even more important as we continue the struggle and hope for the best. Enjoy every moment that you have, unplug from social media if you have to, reach out to people if you need help and stay safe. WE ARE ALL STRUGGLING!

Please share tips that have helped you with surviving these times, thank you. Do not forget to share , like and subscribe to the mailing list.

2 thoughts on “IT’S BEEN A YEAR!”

  1. Hey! The constant reminder to breathe is a huge help for dealing with most of the emotions we’ve felt. I think you should find a means of expression that helps you to relax. It could be painting , dancing etc. But remember that you don’t need any rules to follow when you’re in this process. It’s just you pouring all your stress and anxiety into something however your mind decides in that moment. Also remember to meditate a lot and you can try qigong. Lots of love.


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