I created a vision board at the beginning of 2020 and hoped to achieve all my plans. No one had an idea that we would have a uniquely peculiar year, more so a pandemic! My theme for the year was “INTENTIONALITY AND RISK TAKING” and more than anything, getting through this theme amidst failure to achieve many goals is a really big win for me. I was really intentional about almost everything I did this year, even down to social media.

I opened a twitter account in May after carefully thinking about it for almost two months. I had three major objectives for creating a twitter account viz; to create and reach a bigger audience for my blog that started in August, to raise more awareness about mental health through personal experiences and create a safe space for individuals dealing with mental health struggles with support in any way I can. I am glad that I have stayed true to this purpose and grateful for all the people that have allowed me help them.

(excerpt from an end of year post from one of the beautiful people I met off twitter, so kind of her to include me as a part of her year)

I hoped to save some money during the year as a means of restricting my flamboyant, extravagant and impulsive spending lifestyle but of course, I spent way too much on skincare ( some of the skincare products I purchased this year, probably the most I have spent on products since I was born).

I hope to make better financial decisions in 2021.

One particular goal, worthy of note and an important lesson was my plan to visit the beach. I put it on my vision board in hopes to relieve my childhood memory. I visited Oniru private beach, Lagos in 2011 with my family and I really enjoyed the picnic experience.(2011 Vs 2020: real glow up!)

I have been hoping for another visit for a while now but my plans to visit a beach in 2019 failed. I felt plans for this year had failed too, because of the pandemic and the state of my finances. Towards the end of the year, I made plans with my friends and it finally came to fruition. I was so happy that I cried, I particularly enjoyed the boat ride to the beach and the lots of foods we had. I had given up but I still achieved one of my goals for the year in the last month ( NEVER GIVE UP).(Food from the picnic with my friends at the beach).

In 2020, my academic and spiritual goals failed. I felt demotivated a lot, I had mental health relapses mostly triggered by the fact that I was in a stuck stage with schooling and I felt hopeless mostly. I am grateful that I got through most of the dark days with the support of family, especially my mum and my sister.

Overall, I am grateful for all of my 2020 experiences, a year that forced everyone to slow down, to be forcefully present and affirm that only God has control over all plans. I am especially grateful that I got to be with family and I created many memories. I hope to achieve my 2021 plans and have a great year. Thank you for supporting the blog, my biggest achievement of 2020! Please share some of your 2021 plans in the comments.

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